My baking tray has small scratches, did something go wrong?

Mein Backblech hat kleine Kratzer, ist da was schief gelaufen?
Every now and then we get this question again. It's also totally understandable. You buy a new baking tray and after a while you find a few small scratches on it. Does that mean the sheet metal is broken? 😱 Our answer is very clear - no! ☺️ Small scratches on aluminum baking sheets are completely normal and may appear from time to time for the following reasons:

😉 Aluminum is a very soft material that can easily be scratched even with little pressure.

😉 Imagine the process of making such a baking tray: There is a large aluminum tray that has to be perforated and cut into hundreds of small trays. A large industrial machine makes small holes. Everything is done in industrial factories and in large quantities. Unfortunately, you can't make every hole on the sheet metal by hand. We work to avoid scratches as much as possible, but this is a huge challenge in this manufacturing process.

😉 We even tested sheets from our competitors, all of them had slight scratches. They often arise in this manufacturing process. Small scratches have no effect on the quality of the tray, the baking process or the baking result.

With a baking tray you get a professional tool in your hand, a tool that is used every day in bakeries and pastry shops. And these big “sisters” of our sheets for home also have scratches. 😉👌🏻A baking tray is not a jewelry or decorative item, but a baking instrument for everyday use. This will give you great, delicious baking results that you will look forward to. With normal use of the perforated baking trays, scratches should occur. This is completely normal, just like a sheet of metal getting dirty sometimes.☺️👍🏻

Or you can use our baking tray with non-stick coating instead of our classic aluminum baking tray. This is 100% scratch free as the coating is applied after perforation and cutting. 😉👌🏻